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"Where to find resources, expertise and information for ISO 17799"

ISO 17799 is the most widely recognised security standard. It is comprehensive in its coverage of security issues and contains a substantial number of control requirements, some extremely complex.

Compliance with ISO/IEC 17799, or indeed any detailed security standard, is therefore a far from trivial undertaking, even for the most security conscious of organizations. Certification can be even more daunting.

This web site is intended to assist in understanding the standard, and what is required for compliance and ultimately certification.

iso/iec 17799 What is ISO 17799?

ISO17799, is a detailed security standard. It is organised into ten major sections, each covering a different topic or area. Learn more about it on this page.

iso17799 Compliance Software

A pre-requesite of certification is of course compliance - you can hardly be ISO 17799 certified if you are not compliant with the standard!

The use of compliance management software can ease this process, guiding and directing as appropriate

information security policies ISO 17799 Security Policies

A fundamental requirement of ISO 17799 is the establishment of appropriate security policies. But how comprehensive are yours? Do they cross reference ISO 17799?

security risk analysis Risk Analysis

Another theme of ISO 17799 is risk analysis - the need to assess risks methodically. This page introduces one of the worlds leading methods and products.

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Getting a handle on ISO 17799 is of growing importance. The above should help you to achieve this.

If, however, you need further assistance or guidance, please contact us

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