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Managing compliance with ISO17799 is not a trivial exercise. Assessing compliance levels for information systems, and thereafter deriving and implementing detailed plans to become compliant, can by a very intensive process.

However, with the correct approach, this effort can be reduced.

The most effective method to achieve this utilises a software product, to semi-automate the process. COBRA 17799 Consultant was designed specifically to make compliance management easier and more straightforward.

The product guides you through the entire compliance exercise.... section by section. Through a series of online questions, COBRA takes you through the entire standard. Following this, it creates essential reports to:

  • Explain your current position with respect to each section of ISO17799

  • Identify what your shortcomings are, with recommendations on what steps are necessary to rectify these.

In short, it will meticulously and objectively evaluate your position with respect to ISO 17799, generating appropriate solutions and recommendations.

The COBRA approach offers a unique and distinct approach to ISO17799 compliance, one which we believe will prove invaluable to all types of organization, regardless of size or sector.


The best way to establish whether it is suitable for you is to try it for yourself... which we have made possible!

You can now download and trial a fully functional evaluation/trial copy.

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